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Fancy horsing around a bit? Trot on down to Party Britain…

Here at Party Britain HQ we’re still dreaming wistfully of our Andalucian holiday * sighs wistfully * and it didn’t help seeing Rick Stein’s visit to Seville on the telly last week.

That just put us in a bad mood and brought back loads of memories – good ones, of course. In fact one of the best was the Dancing Horses at the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez.

These were horses with balletic movements! Sure they wore fancy dress in the form of feathered head bands. But on the whole it was just the horse and their trainer. It was amazing and breathtaking stuff. In fact the Party Britain team found ourselves quite tearful at one point at the beauty of it all.

So, it was with some delight to get back home and discover that, with a group of our mates, we could re-enact the Andalucian Dancing Horses right here in the UK!

Yes, all we each need is an inflatable horse fancy dress costume. We’ll replace the cowboy Stetson for an Andalucian flat brimmed hat and we’re off. Obviously, we’ll have to memorise a few movement first and learn to get our trots co-ordinated etc but we’re sure we’ll get there.

Tickets to the show available from the Party Britain fancy dress blog in the very near future…

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