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Dress to Impress at Party Britain

Of course we’re interested in learning who the best director, actor, editor etc, etc is at the forthcoming Oscars…

We really don’t care about the stunning dress-up costumes worn by the gorgeous and glamorous in Tinseltown. Just how frivolous do you take us for? * sigh* Well, ok, we might show a, er, discerning interest…

Ok, confession time. The Oscars has really put us in the mood for dress up.

Silver Screen Sensation Fancy DressAt Party Britain we might take a wee rummage through our 20s Gangsters and Flappers fancy dress costumes where we just know the Silver Screen Sensation red number is shimmering away (we do love the metallic material and sexy thigh-length split). Then there’s the cutesy little purple velvet Fabulous Flapper number, complete with feather-trimmed glovelets (our favourite by far).

If we want to go totally red carpet babe, we’ll probably nip along to the Historical costume dress section. For there lies (or rather, hangs) the Venus Goddess of Love floor-length burgundy/white gown. And how do you make a stunning dress even more movie material-like? Add a gold leaf headpiece, of course!

Then again, there are those amongst us who prefer not to follow the crowd. And that’s why my eye is currently fixed on the stunning Lady Eliza fancy dress number, complete with parasol. How’s a girl to choose?

Actually, could you maybe just go off and amuse yourselves for now? There’s some serious dress up decision-making to be done here!

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